30-10-2017: Egg Giveaway

We are giving away 5 poke eggs to the first people to like this. The eggs will be rare and from the region you are currently in. 

24-10-2017: New Players Welcome!

We are still in the process of fully translating the game into English. Most options work perfectly such as battle etc... If you find an area that is vital to the game please send "garall94" a message in game. He is the translation administrator and will translate vital areas quicker than the rest!

Welcome to PokeMaster RPG

Welcome to PokeMaster RPG!

Hello Trainers!

We welcome you with the warmest of welcomes to the #1 Pokemon RPG! Create your dream team of pokemon and battle against gyms, gain badges and challenge your opponents to fierce battles!

See who has the better pokemon and skill today. Join PokeMaster RPG and claim victory!


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