13-02-2018: Mystery Gift Event!

We are giving away mystery gift keys again for those of you lucky enough!  There will be two ways to win this time around. 1st : The top 5 best players in the game will win mystery gift keys.  2nd : Two people will be chosen randomly from the comments on this news post.  Yes! That means you could potentially win two keys.  Do not forget to comment as it is a very high chance you may end up winning a key!

24-01-2018: New way to earn gold!

If you go to General > My Account > Settings you will earn 5 gold every 24 hours just for turning on in game advertisement. I made this an option to hopefully continue on this game with no issues. I do not however want to force ads on anyone therefor it is there as an option to allow those who want to get easy gold to do it.  

If you have any issues with this system please let me know. It should pay out every 24 hours. Please disable ad block or I will be forced to implement a check system for that as well. 

Welcome to PokeMaster RPG

Welcome to PokeMaster RPG!

Hello Trainers!

We welcome you with the warmest of welcomes to the #1 Pokemon RPG! Create your dream team of pokemon and battle against gyms, gain badges and challenge your opponents to fierce battles!

See who has the better pokemon and skill today. Join PokeMaster RPG and claim victory!


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