11-05-2018: May Event!

This one will make it a little easier for those who have just started. Since our player base has exploded over the past month I wanted to make this contest huge.  It will be simple, but those who work hardest will get the best rewards. 

Top 100 get rewards. Everyone gets 500 gold no matter what.

1st place - Choice of any 2 pokemon in the game to be given to you, a random pokemon egg, and 2000 gold.

2nd-10th - Choice of one pokemon to be given to you, a random pokemon egg, and 500 gold.

11th-100th - Random pokemon egg and 100 gold.

There seems to be some tough competition around here as of late, but I am sure to see some new names on the rankings.  The contest will end May 25th as I wanted to give the new players a fighting chance.

22-04-2018: Updates!

April 22nd, 2018

We have changed the theme to our new spring look! Hopefully it fits the season! We are also going to be implementing a new gold distribution system for in game. We hope it will bring about a rise in the gold economy which is kind of low with older players. 

Welcome to PokeMaster RPG

Welcome to PokeMaster RPG!

Hello Trainers!

We welcome you with the warmest of welcomes to the #1 Pokemon RPG! Create your dream team of pokemon and battle against gyms, gain badges and challenge your opponents to fierce battles!

See who has the better pokemon and skill today. Join PokeMaster RPG and claim victory!


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