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  1. The Game
  2. Rules
  3. The Beginning
  4. Tips For The Game
  5. Program
  6. Silver and Gold
  7. Pokemon
  8. Ranks
  9. TM's and HM's
  10. Administrators
  11. Registring

The Game

PokeMaster RPG is an online multiplayer game.
The game has 4 worlds and 496 total pokemon!
The game is free to play, but you can pay for extra features.
Our goal is to become one of the largest multiplayer websites and Pokemon RPGs.
We are constantly busy with all kinds of updates. We add new features every day.

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The rules of PokeMaster RPG are very simple:
  • Do not harass. On your profile or others or in the chatbox.
  • Do not ask for passwords or emails.
  • It is never okay to give out your own password.
  • Do not spam. Spam is a bannable offence.
  • Do not advertise competing websites.
  • You are only allowed one account.
If you break the rules we will ban you.
The ban length will be decided by what you did wrong.

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The Beginning

In the beginning Professor Oak will come to you.
He will review the rules with you and afterwards give you a starting pokemon.
You have to choose from the pokemon in the region you chose to play in.
After you get the starting pokemon you are free to explore the rest of the game.

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Tips for the game.

  • Play PokeMaster RPG in the Google Chrome browser.
  • If you are on a public computer do not have the browser remember your password.
  • Remember to sign out if using a public computer due to cookies saving your session.
  • If you go on vacation or take a break from the game remember to put your money in the bank and pokemon in daycare!
  • Always buy pokeballs before you fight. Who knows what you could encounter!
  • If you are looking for a pokemon check the information for where it is located.
  • Become premium for the best extra features!
  • Catch a shiny ditto!

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PokeMaster RPG has designed a program to play a noise when someone says something on the area messenger PokeMaster RPG start from your desktop today.

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Silver and Gold

You can pay in PokeMaster RPG with silver and gold, here you can see what it is.
  • = Silver.
  • = Gold.
Silver can be found in the game by working, defeating trainers and other various things.
Gold can be bought in the premium market. You can use gold to do things that silver can not such as:
  • Buying Master Balls
  • Buying Rare Candy
  • In Game Name Changes
  • Donate Gold To Other Players
  • Make a Regular Pokemon Shiny

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PokeMaster RPG has 496 different pokemon and all those pokemon can also be obtained in shiny form.
A shiny pokemon is the same pokemon, but rare because of the different color.
You can recognize a shiny pokemon by the name and color of the pokemon.

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There are 20 ranks on PokeMaster RPG. They are:
  1. Newbie
  2. Junior
  3. Senior
  4. Casual
  5. Trainer
  6. Great Trainer
  7. Traveller
  8. Macho
  9. Gym Leader
  10. Shiny Trainer
  11. Elite Trainer
  12. Commander
  13. Professional
  14. Hero
  15. King
  16. Champion
  17. Legendary
  18. Untouchable
  19. God
  20. Pokemon Master

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TM's and HM's

On PokeMaster RPG there are 92 TM's and 8 HM's.

You can buy a TM at the market. You can only give a TM to the pokemon if it has the same type as the TM. You can only teach a water attack to a pokemon with the water type.

You can earn an HM by defeating a gym leader.
The HM can be reused as often as you like.

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There are always a few administrators on the game.
These are the functions of our administrators:
  • Help by answering questions our trainers have.
  • Make updates to the website.
An administrator can read all messages that are sent. This is to protect our members from harassment.

If you see an error in the game we are here to listen.
If someone flames or insults you to any extent we will do something about it.

Do not ask if you can become an administrator. If we need a new one we will choose one by ourselves.
If you help another member or are online often you will have a higher chance of being chosen.

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When registering complete all required fields.
Your email must be valid in order to recieve the activation email.
You will see at the bottom of the registration page that you can only have one account.
Check both the spam and inbox for your activation email.

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If something goes wrong you can always contact us. Contact us for these reasons only:
  • Activation email not recieved.
  • Activation is not possible.
  • You have lost access to your account.
You can also email us for these things:
  • Become a partner.
  • Questions about the website.
Contact is only visible if you are not logged in. This is because if you are logged in you can send a direct message to an in game administrator.

We always try to send a message or email as soon as possible.

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